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DC Chief moves to NFL, TX Woman Shoots Robber, Officer Terminated for Helping

September 06, 2016

Mike and the guys talk about a woman in TX that was open carrying her pistol and some knucklehead tried to rob her.
Lt. Bill calls in talking about DC Chief Lanier leaving the agency, she is going to be in charge of security for the NFL. That will probably be a good fit, the NFL already is so anti-gun they don’t even want off duty LEO’s attending games to carry firearms, even though most departments and agencies around the country have policies wanting their officers to be armed at all times.
Lt. Bill also talked about a small town police officer in WA state that was terminated for responding to a mass shooting call in a nearby town.
The anti-rights crowd knows no limits, now they are saying our senior citizens shouldn’t have guns because they are getting up there in years. According to one “expert” from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health… Bloomberg, isn’t that the guy who wants to take everyones guns?… Coincidence?…


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