Gun sales Ban to Marijuana Card Holders, Navy Armed Guards

September 16, 2016

Mike, Kevin, and Earl talk about the US Court upholds a ban on gun sales to marijuana card holders. The ruling does not violate The Second Amendment as marijuana remains illegal under Federal Law even though some states allow it’s use for medical reasons.
The Navy will be putting armed security officers at it’s recruiting stations as a result of the shooting that took place in a Chattanooga recruiting office.
The guys go over some of the history pertaining to The Second Amendment.
Lt. Bill calls in talking about a homeowner that was told by the home owners association to take down a flag he was flying in front of his house. The flag was an American Flag in black and white with a blue line on it. He was flying this particular flag as a symbol to honor the fallen police officers in Dallas in July, and as a symbol of solidarity. Oh by the way, this all took place in TX.

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