Season 2,

LGBT Gun Rights Groups Membership Spikes, Reporter gets Denied

September 07, 2016

Mike had to get his roof finished, and Alec was the slowest to respond so he had to drive the winebago and lead the show. Alec, Kevin, and Earl talk about the surge in concealed carry permit classes, and LGBT Gun Rights Groups spike in memberships. The guys do a little bit of time traveling interviewing Calvin at the NRA National Convention, and Mike did the interview… figure out how they did that one.
Big surprise, guilty plea and charges announced in NYPD handgun licensing corruption case.
The gun dealer has the final say on any gun sale, if the dealer has a gut feeling the sale should not go through. They have the legal right to not make the sale according to the BATFE.
A reporter form the Chicago Sun Times thought he would buy an AR-15 for his article explaining how easy it is to do so. Because of his past of alcohol abuse and a charge of domestic battery he was denied his rifle purchase, can you say “Backfire”?? Trying to prove the system doesn’t work, but it did work.

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