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Punta Gorda Police training shooting tragedy, Gun buy backs

September 06, 2016

Mike, Kevin, and Earl talk about the tragedy of a woman being shot and killed during a police training class. They also talk about other options besides using live firearms during training classes.
A guy tried to bring his handgun into “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney doesn’t like when you do that. His big problem is he tried to tell them he is a police officer, he was. Emphasis on was, he was fired from the agency he claimed to be a member of back in 2013 for dishonesty and untruthfulness.
The guys talk about how Gun Buy Backs while they may make the communities “feel good, like they are doing something to get guns off the streets to lower crime”. Don’t really do anything to reduce crime, they just help clean out junk drawers and attics and closets of non-working and un-wanted firearms, typically not the types sought after and used by criminals.
A nephew found guilty in helping his uncle kill a woman in a case profiled in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” had his conviction overturned by a judge because law enforcement essentially lied to him during his questioning.
This story led to a continuation between Kevin and Mike to just how much police can and do lie to suspects during questioning.
Lt. Bill calls in talking about a story from the NFL how they won’t let the Dallas Cowboys have a logo on their jerseys symbolizing support for their local police officers. But the NFL has allowed blm logos and support from players in the past.

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