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TX Campus Carry, ATF Keeping Records, Chicago Shootings

September 06, 2016

Mike and the guys talk about the details of Campus Carry now legal in TX. There are still rules and regulations involved with it, it’s not as wild and care free as the anti-rights side would like you to believe.

Open Carry at the Republican National Convention?…. Oh my the horror…
Yeah, nothing happened even though Anti-Rights politicians wanted to disarm the citizenry and have the constitution suspended.
The ATF is keeping more records then they say they are. All of their computer data bases are not being deleted and erased like the appropriations act directs them to do.
We always here from the POTUS that we need stronger gun control to stop all of the mass shootings. Meanwhile in his home town, the city with arguably some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. This past July Chicago had it’s deadliest July in at least five years.
A Georgia police sergeant was fired because she flew a confederate flag out in front of her house.

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